Our Innovative Solution

At Headway, we believe that measuring societal well-being requires a comprehensive and nuanced approach, which goes beyond GDP metrics.

Upon this backdrop, we developed the “Reframing Welfare Index” (RWI), a pioneering tool that is redefining the way we understand and assess social welfare.

Blending Social Insights with Data for

– Impactful Outcomes

– Individual & Societal Prosperity

Blending Social Insights with Data for

– Impactful Outcomes

– Individual & Societal Prosperity


Our Innovative Solution

At Headway, we believe that measuring societal well-being requires a comprehensive and nuanced approach, which goes beyond GDP metrics.

Upon this backdrop, we developed the “Reframing Welfare Index” (RWI), a pioneering tool that is redefining the way we understand and assess social welfare.

About Us

We transform complex social insights and detailed data analysis into strategic guidance.

Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke solutions that drive progress and innovation in both public and private sectors, with a keen awareness of real-world challenges and needs.


Our approach is collaborative, data-driven, and context-specific.

Our commitment to transparent, participatory processes is at the heart of our work, from advancing the social economy to embracing digital transformation. In each sector, whether it’s fostering innovative entrepreneurship, advocating for sustainable and inclusive employment, or promoting good governance, we encourage public discourse and meaningful civic engagement.

This holistic approach ensures that democracy and community empowerment are not isolated goals but integral parts of our initiatives across all areas. By focusing on equitable policy development and civic participation, we aim to craft a society where every voice is a critical contributor to a more inclusive, resilient, and forward-looking future.



Driving Impact Across Sector

Our work in the social economy involves supporting cross-sectoral initiatives that prioritize social impact alongside financial viability. We focus on social enterprises, cooperatives, and other models that contribute to a more equitable and inclusive economic landscape for local communities.


Fostering Innovative Entrepreneurial Ventures

Our approach to entrepreneurship centers on inspiring creativity and innovation, through supporting business ideas that challenge the status quo, from tech startups to social innovation projects, and promoting entrepreneurial education. We aim to create an ecosystem that drives economic growth and leads to transformative socio-economic outcomes.


Designing inclusive and future-proof employment trajectories

We are committed to creating more inclusive and dynamic labor markets and work environments. Our focus is on enhancing employability, advocating for fair work conditions, and supporting policies that create more accessible and diverse job opportunities.


Advancing Environmental and Social Sustainability

We are dedicated to integrating sustainability into organizational and community practices. Our approach encompasses environmental conservation, sustainable business practices, and the adoption of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles.


Promoting Accountability and Efficiency

In the realm of good governance, we focus on improving transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in both public and private sectors. Our advisory and capacity-building services are geared towards establishing ethical, sustainable, and responsive governance structures.


Digital Enablers for Societal Prosperity & Community Connectivity

In an era where digital transformation is pivotal, our service focuses on leveraging technology to foster societal prosperity and enhance community connectivity. We specialize in identifying and designing digital solutions that drive social innovation, bridging the gap between technology and community needs…



Data Gathering and Analyses

We collect and interpret quantitative and qualitative data to extract meaningful insights for businesses, organizations and governments. Our analysis informs everything from policy development to program evaluation, offering clarity in a world of data.

Impact Assessment & Evaluation

We measure beyond mainstream economic indices to understand contemporary social challenges and support redefining welfare. Our goal is to empower you with actionable insights, ensuring that your efforts create a meaningful impact, contributing to the development of welfare systems that truly uplift and empower communities


Strategic Guidance for the Public Sector

We inform bottom-up policy making, and we support program development and strategies’ implementation. Through leveraging our in-depth research insights, we assist public authorities in achieving impactful and sustainable outcomes, ensuring their initiatives are aligned with public needs.

Leading with Sustainability and Governance

We help organizations navigate the complexities of sustainable and ethical operations, towards integrating ESG principles into their core practices.

Driving Business with Purpose

We align business strategies with social and ethical goals, crafting principled business models that help you achieve positive social and environmental impact and strengthen long-term viability and public image.

Empowering Civil Society

We empower CSOs to better serve their communities and increase their outreach, through supporting them in successfully navigating regulatory environments and funding landscapes.


Institutional Reorganization

We specialize in institutional reorganization, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness through restructuring, workflow optimization, and change management. It’s designed to make institutions agile, adaptable, and aligned with strategic goals and stakeholder needs.

Talent Alignment & Organizational Growth

We support organisations manage talent, develop leadership, and plan succession pathways, through aligning skills and roles to organizational goals and development needs.

Process Optimisation

We boost operational efficiency and effectiveness by employing ‘Lean Methodologies’ and best practices to standardize quality work. Our approach focuses on identifying improvement areas, minimizing waste, and streamlining operations for optimal performance.

Digital Transformation

We identify, conceptualise, design and leverage innovative digital solutions that align with micro-level community needs, and enhance macro-level societal prosperity.


Compliance Consultancy

We collaborate with industry experts to establish clear, relevant, and up-to-date cross-sectoral standards. This benchmarking is the basis of our accreditation processes and are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain at the forefront of industry best practices.


We evaluate and accredit programs and organisations, ensuring they meet industry standards for content, delivery, overall quality and effectiveness across governance, resources and services.


We provide individual certifications, assessing professional skills and knowledge, to ensure compliance to industry standards. This service spans across sectors, certifying that individuals have achieved a relevant level of competence in their field of expertise.

Continuous Improvement

We offer services for continuous improvement and support. Our goal is to foster a culture of continuous learning and development, ensuring that accredited organizations remain at the leading edge of their respective fields.


Advisor for the Operational Programme "Restructuring of the Public Sector"

Ministry of Development & Investments


Developing a new skills framework for civil servants, updating Specific Job Descriptions and developing online tools

Ministry of the Interior


Mapping School and Work Routes through a Transition Observatory

Institute of Educational Policy


Design training activities for implementing the National Broadband Plan

Ministry of Digital Governance


Evaluation and Impact Analysis of the National Programs of The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund & Internal Security Fund

Special Service for the Coordination and Management of the Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the Internal Security Fund (ISF) and other funds, in the Ministry of Migration & Asylum


Development and Operation of the Social Integration Observatory

Region of Central Macedonia


Adviser for utilizing the resources of REACT-EU

Greek Ministry of Development and Investments


Technical Assistance

Information Society S.A.