Business Development and Reorganization

An existing clientele with more than 2500 private companies.

HEADWAY has successfully completed numerous consulting projects for the private sector which included the optimisation of existing business models or the development of new ones and their reorganization. The consulting services for such projects are:

The development and refinement of corporate strategy includes the evaluation, review and adaptation of the company’s vision, aim and targets while taking into account the sector’s latest data and economic conditions. The review of corporate strategy results in a new business plan (reviewed vision, new long-term goals, key performance indicators) and an assessment of the current operational and organisational model’s ability to support the new strategy.

As an integrated function which combines all the commercial activities and the distribution of a company’s product or services, marketing has become extremely important due to the new challenges of the current economic environment originating mainly from globalisation and the resultant ever-growing competition. Innovation and rapid development of new marketing strategies impels companies to take new initiatives and actions so they can keep up with new developments. Digital and social media marketing, for example, is not an alternative method of product and services promotion but rather one which incorporates all traditional and modern methods of marketing (i.e. promotion, advertising etc).

The services we offer include the drafting and implementation of marketing plans which improve commercial activities and the distribution of companies’ products or services after we have thoroughly studied and determined all parameters related to their commercialisation: product (inspection of the product’s characteristics), price (review of the price determination model), distribution (study of the product’s distribution channels) and promotion (assessment of current promotion and communication activities based on the characteristics of the product).

This category of consulting services is included in marketing support services but is presented separately due to its heavy significance. It involves the study of the life cycle and the level of competitiveness of a company’s products so as to upgrade its product portfolio through implementation of proposals which improve existing products and develop new ones (market analysis, customer needs analysis, marketing plans for new products and services).

We offer services which include the investigation and introduction of innovative solutions to company operations, primarily through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Examples of innovative applications are digital marketing, the use of the internet as a basic promotional tool and as a commercial transaction platform and the development of electronic distribution channels.

Market research is a basic tool of all of the above services. As it’s a very useful stand-alone tool, we offer as an independent service to companies that wish to obtain specific information about the target market for their products or about new markets they wish to enter.

A company’s periodical reorganisation is necessary for its long-term sustainability. A review of the operational model is usually required so as to maximise performance and effectiveness. This includes the analysis and display of the operational framework (flow charts for processes and procedures followed), gap analysis against relevant benchmarks and finally the redesign, re-engineering and/or abolishment of existing processes and procedures as well as introduction of new ones, in whole or in part.

Successful reorganisation projects depend upon the company’s ability to manage the change that takes place (Change management). Change management is a critical component for any company aiming to maintain its competitive advantages. The most common reasons for a company to change are its desire to move from good to greater performance, cut its costs or manage a crisis.

The relevant services we offer focus on organising and securing all prerequisites and critical steps that ensure the successful application and adoption of a new operational or organisational model. Our services also include pilot testing and implementation of the new model, preparation and application of a consistent transition plan, focusing on the risk assessment during the transition, constantly monitoring changes and applying mitigation activities when required and training sessions and hands-on support for the company’s personnel in order to successfully adopt the new model.

Optimising the organisational model is crucial for any type of company. For a family business, this process aims at combating the disadvantages inherent in the nature of its ownership and to exploit its many advantages (eg. flexibility). For a large corporation, increasing the effectiveness of company governance will support and enhance the ability to develop and implement successful investment and development plans.

Organisational reorganisation and company governance consulting services include a number of activities such as, reviewing the principal-agent (shareholders-Directors) relationship, changing the organisational chart, reviewing job descriptions, incentivising human resources, especially executive staff, designing and applying procedures for interdepartmental communication, establishing and adopting a common corporate culture etc.

Human Development & Accredidation

Headway has been established as accreditation center for skills and development. Headway has undertaken the authority to provide accreditation, where certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented. Accreditation is a formal, independent verification that a program or institution meets established quality standards and is competent to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks. Conformity assessment tasks may include, but are not limited to, testing, inspection, or certification.

Headway in cooperation with its affiliated company Canary Wharf Consulting LTD provides the following services:

In a continuously evolving business environment, a company’s competitiveness greatly depends on the type and quality of training it provides to its employees through seminars, vocational training and systematic on the job training courses. Skills enhancement, supplemented by a series of motives related to the values and goals, leads to increased productivity and contributes to competitiveness.

We implement specialised studies which support the organisations responsible for shaping the primary strategy of the vocational training and lifelong learning field in Greece. Furthermore, we provide similar services to private companies that implement innovative NSRF funded programmes which combine consulting and training activities. The integrated support provided includes the preparation and submission of the proposal file, the management of the programme’s implementation and the monitoring and evaluation of implemented compared to set targets.

HEADWAY collaborates with an extensive network of Vocational Training Centres, which facilitates the provision of integrated services to end clients by combining both the design and the implementation of relevant programmes.

It is well known that a company’s competitiveness is determined to a large extent by its remuneration system. In the modern market, how much a company pays its employees is perhaps less significant than their understanding of why. The goal of a remuneration system, therefore, is to send the right message to employees while focusing on improving their productivity. Such a system decisively contributes to attracting, employing and maintaining experienced personnel with skills which optimise personal and collective productivity.

HEADWAY’S services include correlating the strategy and organisation of a company with a remuneration and incentives system as well as developing an employee evaluation model based on performance indicators. Particular emphasis is given to the announcement and communication method since well designed systems often fail due to a lack of effective communication and a non-integrated implementation approach. It is worth noting that the implementation of such a system is often part of a company’s broader reorganisation attempt which includes the creation of a new vision or the strengthening of its existing one.

As part of our HR services, Headway also specializes in the development of organizational charts (organograms) for our clients, depending on the nature of their organization and its specific needs. We offer optimal ways in which an organization can be structured, in order to provide clear and concise information on the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs.

Employee assessment is an important process for each company strategy, as different competencies of existing or potential employees are evaluated by several assessors using multiple techniques and tools.

This assessment deals with an organization’s strategy, policy and practices to ameliorate its performance by identifying the skills gaps of the current and potential employees, as well as by measuring their effectiveness. Headway consultants has developed tailor-made tools for providing employee assessment services, always taking into consideration each organization’s needs as well as its size and staff profile.

Some indicative projects are:

Building advanced media literacy competences and digital skills of low-skilled adults 45+ through social media

Promoting Meaningful Integration of 3rd Country National Children to Education

EnhanCing the ParticipatiOn and Learning Performance of Migrant and RefUgee Children in PRimary School Education

PROMoting Youth Social Entrepreneurship

Mastering Energy Supply for Isolated Areas

Recruiting Services

Headway offers high quality recruiting solutions for our clients. Our company specializes in identifying and recruiting consultants for donor-funded projects, with a strong focus on EU funded programmes/projects in a variety of sectors such as finance, trade, social policy, human rights, governance, employment, culture, education, infrastructure, sustainable energy and development, rural development, natural resources and water/wastewater. We have reputation for possessing a strong business acumen, placing high caliber expertise, and providing custom made services with a high degree of professionalism. Headway has built long-term client relationships and earned the trust of our clients while our tailor made nature gives us the ability to offer customized recruiting options with personal attention to meet our clients’ hiring needs.

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Technical Assistance Services

HEADWAY has provided support services to agencies and organisations of the Greek public sector (Governance, Local Authorities, Trade Unions etc.) for many years and has also completed important co-financed projects and programmes. As in previous Programming Periods, services provided include:

Our services include the provision of support to agencies and organisations of the public sector in the development of their strategy for activities they want to incorporate into Operational Programmes as well as the provision of technical support to Final Beneficiaries so they can take advantage of the financial opportunities that such Programmes offer

HEADWAY’s services include technical support to the Managing Authorities and Intermediary Managing Authorities of NSRF Operational Programmes and to Final Beneficiaries during the implementation period of projects and programmes. Such services include expert ad hoc support for meeting all obligations according to the current institutional framework for co-financed activities, monitoring project tasks and financial progress, preparing all required reports as well as assisting in project completion and delivery

Some examples are following:
• Technical assistance to the Region of Central Macedonia on the Observatory for the Social Integration (12/2018-06/2023)
• Technical assistance to the Region of Central Macedonia on the Observatory for the Social Integration (12/2018-06/2023)
• Provision to the improvement to the living conditions of IDPs and returnees from readmission process in Serbia and support to the sustainable return to Kosovo (11/06/2018-10/06/2020)
• Technical assistance to the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, on the evaluation of vocational education and training services (12/2018-01/2019)
• Technical assistance to the Municipality of Tinos for the provision of an integrated programme of its real estate management (11/2018- 03/2019)
• Assistance to the Ministry of Education and Sports of Lao PDR in improving financial planning systems (02/2014-08/2014)
• Technical Assistance to the Municipality of Mykonos for the development and monitoring of a tourist promotion project (04/2016 – 02/2017)

ICT Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of ICT Consulting services -including Auditing, Expense Management, Telecom RFPs, Contract Negotiation and Business Planning- helping our clients overcome the challenges due to the rapid evolution of technology. We provide our clients (public bodies/ private companies) with ICT solutions that enable them to grow and achieve ambitious goals, as well as simplify processes in a digital working environment. Our goal is to promote e-governance and to upgrade the electronic services to citizens and businesses. 

Among the ICT projects that Headway has implemented was the research on the level of integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the daily life of citizens & digital integration, during 2012-2014. Client: Information Society S.A.

Our ICT services included:

  • Research for the citizen access to Internet connection
  • Internet governance research & Internet access costs determination
  • Research for ICT usage in schools
  • Research for the digital integration of vulnerable people
  • Study of broadband performance indicator

Moreover, Headway has significant experience in designing and developing e-learning platforms. These platforms provide trainees with a wide range of training services in topics such as social inclusion and skills development.

Specifically, Headway has developed the following e-learning platforms:

  • Integrated: Educational Support Platform for facilitating the teaching and learning process of secondary Third Country National students.
  • Medlit45: This e-learning platform aims at building the digital competences of low-skilled/low-qualified unemployed persons over 45.
  • E-Course: A School Support Platform, which aims at facilitating the cooperation of members of the school community for strengthening the support offered to migrant or refugee children and their families.
  • Promyse: An online space, where youth with academic or professional experience in health and social care field will be able to familiarise themselves with entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship principles and follow a comprehensive course to enhance/develop their knowledge and skills in setting up, managing and sustaining a social enterprise.

Evaluation & Impact Assessment

Our services include the evaluation of Operational Programmes (ex ante, ongoing and ex post) with the application of relevant EU methodologies. The evaluation of Operational Programmes includes the determination of goals met and an impact assessment based on approved time frames and budgets.

Some examples are the following:
• Technical assistance to the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, on the evaluation of vocational education and training services (12/2018-01/2019)
• Technical assistance to the Municipality of Tinos for the evaluation of the existing investment environment in the region (11/2018- 03/2019)

Special emphasis is given to Social Return on Investment (SROI) from our experts in order to assess the social impact of a project, an action or a policy. SROI aims at putting a financial value on the key impacts identified by stakeholders. The purpose of this approach is to discover and implement new strategies and methodologies, in accordance to any relevant literature in order to calculate accurately and consistently the SROI using as many as qualitative and quantitative indexes are needed depending on the project and the sector that the organization exists

We have included more than 1000 indicators. However, SDGs built by United Nations are the most usable and powerful indicators for the estimation of SROI.